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iCafilas For Nespresso Refillable Coffee Capsule Pod Stainless Steel Espresso

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Type: coffee
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Healthier for the environment, a finer coffee choice. These reusable pods allow you to pick your own coffee product and give it a try with the convenience of using your existing coffee maker. 

They are stainless steel and easy to clean, and allow you to unlimited possibilities with different coffee beans. 

We recommend - a fine grind on your beans, and a medium level tamp to produce a better crema layer.

Experiment and find your unique combination for that perfect brew.

We love coffee and hope you enjoy your coffee freedom.

Brand Name: i Cafilas
Material: Stainless Steel
Filter Type: Reusable Filters
Size: 36.7*26.9*23mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Coffee Filters Features: For nespresso capsules (Check compatibility in Pictures or send us a question0

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